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    Some Good Domain Names For Sale Listed On Sedo

    Just a quick note for some domain names, Order Your Domain just listed at Sedo. These are good to very good “keyword” domain phrases that folks use to search the exact term of the domain name.

    These domain are good for using at a main domain name for your website, a special marketing domain for specials or even to promote on business cards and have pointed to your main domain to have a short, easy to remember domain on you cards, business letters, flyers…

    Registering or Buying a Domain Name

    There are a few criteria you need to look at when registering or purchasing a domain name if you wish to be successful. What might seem like a hot domain to you may not to others. The following will help you avoid this mistake.

    Register or buy a domain yourself! One of the common mistakes made by first time domain buyers is they allow a webmaster or someone else to register it for them. Some of the less moral webmasters will actually register the domain under their own name rather that of their customers. Down the road if you wish to move, sell or just handle the domain yourself, the webmaster, since under their own name retains all rights, hence trying to charge you a fortune if they are even willing to turn the domain over to you.

    Does the domain pass the radio test? When the domain is broadcasted over a radio station it needs to be clear and precise. For example, if you owned and the DJ announced “Red Worms For Sale .com” you could potentially send loads of traffic to a competitor that might own

    Is the domain easy to remember? I am truly amazed by some television ads and the domains they promote. You ever see some for “guaranteed home income” just go to Rather than use a domain such as, something that makes sense and is easy to remember.

    How many words are their in the domain? Word count is relevant in a few ways. First, a shorter domain is usually much easier to remember. Secondly, because of the prior, the value of the domain is usually greater! For example, is worth much more than say The differences being many more people are likely to type in and search for “order worms” rather than “order worms online”.

    Does the domain contain keywords (keywords are basically words used to search for your products)? Keyword domains are essential for making money with domain parking as this is what people type into their browsers and search for (more on this later). Another important factor to remember concerning keywords is the popularity of the keywords. Simply registering a domain name with keywords that no one searches under will be a waste of your time and money.

    Is the domain a .com? You can make money with other domain extensions, however the .com is king! I am not suggesting you never register anything but a .com however for the most part, whether parking or selling, a .com domain holds more weight.

    Is the domain relevant? Your domain should contain keywords which pertain to your website. For example, the domain, basically informs the viewer what they can expect to find at this website.

    How much are you paying? When registering domain names, many people still overpay up to $35.00 per year for a .com domain registration, while others enjoy the lowest prices at Order Your Domain at just $10.00 per year. Add the fact that we throw in free extras with every domain registration, renewal and transfer to us!

    Good Luck in Your Online Adventures,


    Covista Communications Now Owned By Order Your Domain domain name has now been acquired by Order Your Domain with the approval to keep the said domain name by the Covista legal team.

    “We are excited to own the domain Covista Communications…” stated Bruce Galle.

    Since the relationships with their agents have disintegrated by Covista’s decisions, the domain name will now reflect a few select telephone service providers for long distance, T-1 lines and more.

    Domain Auctions – Part 1 – Day 3

    Not much has changed as of yet! The big word is yet…

    Votes are still needed for the domains listed below at in order to make it to the auction block. A few of the domain listed below are actually listed as favorites by the bido staff members. received the 5 votes needed for it to proceed to the auction block which is set for just after 1pm EST on November 20, 2009.

    If you like any of the following domains, please vote for them so they can make it to auction. This does not mean you have to vote on them, but rather that you believe they are good domain names suitable for auction.

    Current Stats: Awaiting 4 more votes, with 25 days remaining. Awaiting 5 more votes, with 25 days remaining. Awaiting 5 more votes, with 25 days remaining. Awaiting 5 more votes, with 25 days remaining. Awaiting 5 more votes, with 25 days remaining. Awaiting 5 more votes, with 25 days remaining. Awaiting 2 more votes, with 25 days remaining. Awaiting 4 more votes, with 27 days remaining.

    There you have it.


    Domain Auctions – Part 1

    I decided to try domain auction service so I listed a few domains there on Friday November 13, 2009. Overall I do like the bido format, however newly listed domains appear to get lost with all the new domains being added overall. For business and those looking for domains to bid on this is good. received the 5 votes needed for it to proceed to the auction block which is set for just after 1pm EST on November 20, 2009.

    Currently I have a few others which are listed some favored by the bido staff needing more votes to make it to the auction block.

    I will update here daily so all can see how we progress on bido!

    If you like any of the following, please vote for them!

    Current Stats: Awaiting 4 more votes, with 27 days remaining. Awaiting 5 more votes, with 27 days remaining. Awaiting 5 more votes, with 27 days remaining. Awaiting 5 more votes, with 27 days remaining. Awaiting 5 more votes, with 27 days remaining. Awaiting 5 more votes, with 27 days remaining. Awaiting 3 more votes, with 27 days remaining. Awaiting 4 more votes, with 27 days remaining.

    There you have it.


    Exclusive Auction Service Chosen For Victims Help Domain Name!

    Order Your Domain — Easley, SC November 14, 2009 – Considering the value of a domain name such as and the potential for the domain, it is important to use a reputable domain auction service.

    Bruce Galle, founder of Order Your Domain stated “We just did not want to list Victims Help with any online auction site, increasing the risk of someone obtaining the domain name and in return taking advantage of people already needing help as they have been victims of abuse, crimes . . . by steering them to the domain in hopes of scamming them by taking their money or some other sort of scam.”

    With the economy effecting victims help organizations and the drop in donations they have been receiving, a domain such as can be very beneficial to a multiple of organization types or online business.

    The average monthly searches under the search phrase Victims Help at Google exceed 22,000. With an average cost per click to the advertisers of $2.08, this keyword domain will end up saving an organization thousands of dollars which can be better spent on the victims themselves!

    The live online auction is set for Friday November 20, 2009 at 1:12 pm EST. It is highly recommended anyone planning to bid on Victims Help domain name setup an account at prior to the live online auction starting time.

    Pre-Bidding has already started with an opening bid of just $28.00 with no reserve!

    Bruce Galle has been involved in the domain industry since 1999 by offering wholesale domain registrations to the general public as well as buying and selling domains from his personal portfolio.


    Tool to Optimize Your Internet Presence

    According to analyst firm Netcraft, there are more than 238 million Web sites online. Getting a Web site noticed online can be daunting, which is why Order Your Domain decided to offer Search Engine Visibility.

    Search Engine Visibility walks users through a step-by-step process to make their Web site search engine friendly. This not only makes a search engine more likely to index the entire site, but to help get the Web site higher in search engine rankings.

    Search Engine Visibility lets users optimize their site by defining keywords, analyzing content and tracking keyword performance. Search Engine Visibility also provides a “Top 10 SEO Checklist,” which helps identify commonly made mistakes and techniques on how to make a Web site stronger.

    Search Engine Visibility also provides a video tutorial and other educational materials which help users understand the search engine optimization process. Once a Web site is optimized, users can submit their Web site to the most commonly used search engines on the Internet.

    Users can call Order Your Domain’s 24/7 customer care representatives if they have any questions during the optimization process.

    For more information about Search Engine Visibility or any of Order Your Domain’s  services, visit

    How Is It Everyone Else Owns the Next One Million Dollar Domain Name?

    Based off domain prices being asked by many, you would assume all domain names are worth 1 million dollars or more. Check out Ebay for instance and scroll down the page to see what the prices are and their associated domains are.

    Currently there is no standard for appraising domain names by which all can agree on.  There is no Kelley Blue Book for domain names where anyone can look it up just like looking for a value on a used car.

    I have personally received appraisals ranging from $5.00 to over $13,000.00 for a single domain name; hence where the million dollar domains arise.

    In reality, not everyone is asking for 1 million dollars, however many are way over priced asking thousands of dollars for domains which may be worth $25.00 (if that) based on a realistic concept of traffic, advertising Pay Per Click (PPC) price…

    So how do you know what a domain is really worth?

    First, you have to ask yourself what is it worth to you and how much are you willing to pay for it? In short a domain name is only worth what another is willing to pay for it.

    There are a few items to check.

    Is the domain easily brandable?

    Is it short or shorter than an existing domain you own?

    Does it pass the radio test? In other words if you heard it on the radio would you be able to go directly to the website. For example, would fail the test as many would be confused and will type in

    What is the quality of the keywords?

    Is the domain name a highly searched key phrase in search engines? If so you may rank high in them as well as receive free type in traffic.

    What is the Pay Per Click (PPC) cost on advertising the key phrase? If it is high than this could save you money on your advertising budget, hence the purchase of the domain might well be worth it and could be paid for out of your advertising budget while saving you and your company money :-)

    When searching for a premium domain name for sale, try finding a wholesaler of domains. Here is where you will find the best prices as they are in the business of flipping domain names. Rather than hang onto a domain trying to get top dollar for a single domain name, they will offer at a much lower price. They realize they can make their money in volume sales!

    Don’t be afraid to counter offer on the asking price as long as it is reasonable. If it is not, your email will most likely find its way to the trash bin! After all, if dealing with wholesale pricing already, you are not going to get the domain seller to move much off the asking price if at all.

    One way to insure you are not over paying for a domain name is to get a domain name from a reputable domain service such as Order Your Domain, whether for new registrations and web hosting or premium domain names for sale.

    Good Luck in Your Online Adventures!

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    Domain Names For Sale: Just The Facts Jack

    First, I apologize for the title should your name be Jack :-)

    Alright, this article is past due and one that rightfully needs to be written.

    Everywhere you look these days you find domain names for sale by their registered owner, however for the most part I have some issues with many selling domains. This article is bound to ruffle a few feathers, however facts are facts!

    Over Priced Domains:

    It appears many people selling their domains have spent too much money over the years on the lottery, as they believe they have the next million dollar domain name. In reality, a good percentage of these domains might be worth the registration fee of around 10 dollars if that.

    Take for example some listings at eBay, and notice how many are asking for 10 to 20 million dollars or more!

    Now keep in mind that this year alone thus far, the top price paid for a validated domain sale was 5.1 Million dollars for, next in line for 3 Million dollars. There are more going down the ladder you can find at DN Journal an informative domain site run by Ron Jackson.

    Now going back to the eBay listings, how could anyone in their right mind expect 21,000,000.00 for a domain that maybe worth several hundred dollars if that?

    Expired Domains:

    Next on my list of pet peeves are the domains for sale of expired domain names. Yes, many people are trying to sell domains that they have recently allowed to expire.

    The basics permit a registered domain name owner to renew a domain up to 30 days after it has expired. So in reality, they could do this if the domain has only been expired for several weeks.

    The problem I have is if it were such a good domain name, why allow it to expire with no intentions of renewing unless they can sucker someone else into buying it!

    If I own a domain name that is making money, I will either keep it or sell it at a fare price and it will sell prior to expiring or I will renew it myself prior to expiring!

    Domain Name Appraisals:

    Now that I have got this off my chest, what should you pay for a domain name? In reality, a domain name is only worth what another is willing to pay for it!

    I have paid for several appraisals on a domain just to see what the result would be. was appraised at three different services online. Keep in mind, these were human appraisals that I paid money for. They ranged from $5.00 (yes that is five dollars from one appraisal service) to $12,000.00.

    Next I tried a several free services online which are machine generated appraisals. These ranged from $0.00 to $6,273.00.

    As you can clearly see there is no consistency in domain name appraisals, neither by machine nor humanized!

    Domain Name Evaluation:

    There are numerous factors involved when figuring on how much to either sell or buy a domain name for. Keyword search term, type in traffic, how much revenue it currently makes, links, brand able, radio test…  For true domainers, it is a tedious task which takes some research in order to price a domain correctly. I highly recommend you use a reputable domain site to purchase your domains from, one which does not over price their domains.

    As for I have set this at $3,800.00 which is a great deal, however is a fare market value!

    For more examples of domains priced at fare market value, visit our portfolio of domains for sale.

    Good Luck in Your Online Adventures!